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For such a large cohort, Oxford History students really don’t see each other that much.

Between low contact hours and a huge array of optional subjects, we aren’t often brought together as historians.

Oxford History Review aims to change that.

Oxford History Review was founded by a trio of Merton students during the 2020 Easter Vac. Its aim: to bring together students across the university and to provide them a platform to share their experiences and discuss all things historical.

Whether you want to critique the modules you’ve studied, explore your college’s past, or argue about the history that matters to you, OHR is the place for you.

Want to write for us? Feel free to message our Facebook and Instagram accounts, or email us at oxfordhistoryreview@gmail.com.

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Meet the Team:

James Morrison: Editor-in-Chief

James is a Merton history graduate. He lives in Bournemouth and will probably tell you all about how it was ranked the 5th best beach in Europe (TripAdvisor 2019).

Daniel Morgan: Editor, Foundation Myths

Daniel is a second-year History student at Lady Margaret Hall. In his spare time, he also enjoys rowing, choir and writing for other student publications.

Isaac Hawcock: Editor, Foundation Myths, Student Voices

Isaac is a third-year historian at Merton. While possibly surprising many Oxford history students by considering “Approaches” and “Disciplines” the best modules, it reflects the two questions he finds himself asking over and over: what is possible to know about the past and why would we want to know it?

Nurgul Sahin: Editor, Student Voices

Nurgul is a third-year History student at St Catherine’s College (Catz <3). She is fascinated with the history of the Middle East (1800-today) and will/can spend hours speaking to you about it. Fun fact: she played table tennis for 5 years when she was younger, but cannot even serve properly now 🙁

Ciara Garcha: Editor, Student Voices

Ciara is a second-year History student at Hertford. She is particularly interested in colonial history and gender history. Fun fact: Ciara is from Manchester and is a huge Manchester United fan!

Nic Nicolaou: Editor, Page and Screen

Nic is a second year at Pembroke studying English Language and Literature. He particularly likes literary modernism and the development of the English language (predictably). Fun fact: he has size 18 feet.

Rebecca Smithson: Marketing and Promotion

Rebecca manages the Oxford History Review marketing, including our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and website. She studies French and Linguistics and is in her fourth year. Fun fact: she loves art and fashion history.

Molly Archer-Zeff: Founder

Molly is a Merton history graduate originally from Southend-on-Sea. In between defending the reputations of Merton and Essex she decided to start OHR with James and Oliver. Molly particularly loves women’s and gender history and detests learning about British kings. 

Oliver Shaw: Founder

Originally from Rugby, Oliver is a Merton history graduate. Fun fact: He’s a descendant of Anthony Babington, the leader of the Babington plot against Elizabeth I in 1586!