Reviewing A Wartime Fudge Recipe

My Christmas present to my friends this year? A trip through history with carrot fudge, the highlight on a very carroty wartime Christmas menu by the BBC and Wartime Farm. Following an array of boiled, caked, and candied carrots, carrot fudge was the least appealing part of the menu.

Wartime fudge - a dangerously orange colour in brown baking paper.
The texture was best described as similar to a contact lens.

As the fudge was setting the gloss of the  ‘gelatine’ made the orange disturbingly luminous. The texture was best explained by my friend who described it as similar to  ‘a contact lens’.  My fudge was not off to a great start and I didn’t have much hope that tasting would redeem it.

After nearly an hour in the fridge and half an hour in the freezer the fudge still was sitting in a pool of liquid. I decided that it probably wasn’t going to get any better. 

Testing time had arrived. One tester conveniently decided to go to bed, I suspect to avoid the fudge. Surprisingly, the fudge divided the house rather than the unanimous disgust that I was expecting.

Although most of us agreed that the texture was horrible, it did just taste of  gelatinous carrot, which some tasters apparently quite liked. As none of the fudge was spat out, I consider it a resounding success. 

Reviews From the Tasters:

“It looks like you turned salmon into sorbet”

“Its existence offends me”

“The texture scores 1/10, the taste is 6/10”

‘The taste is okay, it’s just difficult to swallow”

“It was definitely lacking in structural integrity”

“It looks like a mangled orange”

“I would eat the plate if I was hungry”

“The carrot fudge had the texture of raw chicken that had been left out for a long time and the muscle fibres had separated, but the taste was okay”

The Recipe:

Wartime fudge on a plate - oddly fibrous.
“It looks like a mangled orange”

4 tablespoons of finely grated carrot

1 gelatine leaf

Orange essence

Make up the gelatine according to the packet instructions, then mix in the carrots and a dash of orange flavouring. Spread it in a shallow dish and allow to cool. Once set cut into chunks and enjoy!

I replaced the gelatine for a vegetarian alternative and the orange for lemon juice. 

I also added about a teaspoon of sugar which I know there was a shortage of in wartime! The idea of just lemony carrot was not attracting many testers. 

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